Connecticut Law Review is the oldest, largest, and most active student-run organization at the University of Connecticut School of Law. The organization’s primary goal is to publish the Connecticut Law Review, a high quality journal of interest to the general legal community. We publish four issues a year, and the journal has a circulation that spans all 50 states, as well as 13 foreign countries.

Members of Connecticut Law Review are responsible for the entire production process from article selection and editing through the layout of the final copy. Membership on Connecticut Law Review provides students with an opportunity to develop legal scholarship skills which are often sought after by judges for their clerks, law firms for their associates, and law schools for their professors. While the work can be very demanding, it can also lead to the satisfying feeling of accomplishment which comes from publishing a respected high quality journal. Connecticut Law Review members take pride in knowing that their efforts have played a substantial role in earning the University of Connecticut School of Law its reputation for academic excellence.



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